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Accenture  Group Discussion & Interview Questions & HR Interview
- 10 Sep 2006
 Question Submitted By :: Placement-Papers
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
Accenture Placement Papers | Accenture Interview Procedure |
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| Accenture Interview Questions

GD topics:

They were giving the topics as per our suggestions but few Hr
were providing some different one.

some topics are

1. Indian population is bane or boon.
2. pectisides of pepsi and coke
3. reservation conflict
4. can india be super power
5. ball tampering hair case
6. pink Vs blue.

Mostly it depends on you also that what do you choose . prepare
hard on
current topics.

GD is imp than above things. come up with soft voice and strong

1. say confidently
2. mark your fluency and pronounciation
3. speek in pleasant voice and only when find turn and for that
use manner
raise your hand it shows curtasy.
4. do not make fish market.
5. address group rather than gd conductor.
6. try to initiate with permission and wish the group.
7. pay attention in gd while discussion.
8. do not cross any one.
9. mind your body language. the time of exit do not forget to wish have a nice day to gd

Accenture Placement Papers | Accenture Interview Procedure |
Accenture Aptitude Questions | Accenture Technical Questions
| Accenture Interview Questions


i think in any interview only confidence plays. say what ever with
confidence not overcofidence.

The following are more important.

1. confidence
2. eye contact
3. voice should be pleasant
4. speak with slow speed and effectively using hands gesture
5. smile must at the time of entry, wrong answer,exit
6. show that you can sacrifice every thing for company
7. dress should be formal.light shirt dark pant. For girls cotton
suit is
8. they also see your interest towards software and company.
visit company
profile properly.
9. stats should be very much required.

Accenture Placement Papers | Accenture Interview Procedure |
Accenture Aptitude Questions | Accenture Technical Questions
| Accenture Interview Questions

For HR interveiw you should have answers prepared in advance like

Tell me about your self?
Who is the role model and why?
drop reason?
short term goal or longterm goalgoal?
What is the difficulty you faced in your life?
project experience and your contribution in same?
why to change your field ?
Why you change your company?

Important one is your attitute should be positive always.

Accenture Placement Papers | Accenture Interview Procedure |
Accenture Aptitude Questions | Accenture Technical Questions
| Accenture Interview Questions

Is This Answer Correct ?    196 Yes 15 No
# 2
can someone please tell me wat does PINK vs BLUE means
.....thx in advance
Is This Answer Correct ?    64 Yes 11 No
# 3
Is This Answer Correct ?    59 Yes 10 No
# 4
Hey, I had an interview with Accenture on 24th May 2008. I
had cleared all the levels(Initial HR Round + Technical +
2nd HR Round + Final Process HR) and was asked to submit my
documents. I was told that I would be given an offer letter
after screening of the documents. Today it is Jun 4th 2008
and I have not received any mail or offer confirmation from
these guys. What do you think where do I stand? Have they
rejected me due to some reasons or the procedure takes some
time. Please tell me soon.
Is This Answer Correct ?    40 Yes 10 No
Shyamala D,
# 5
Pink Vs Blue means girls VS Boys .. In ancient days girls
were fruit collectors so pink and guys hunters so blue.. Its
is said that Blue is the favourable colour for hunting (
Since the sky is blue)

Is This Answer Correct ?    32 Yes 9 No
# 6

answers for the above placement papers
Is This Answer Correct ?    22 Yes 5 No
# 7
The Process takes time ....
do not worry...

You will get a call.

Good Luck!

Is This Answer Correct ?    21 Yes 8 No
# 8
Hello Guys,

This is my sincere advice :
Please please don't wait for accenture response..It's
really pitty that you are waiting for response from
accenture management/hr. becoz they never be user
friendly..Dirty management and dirty policies...
Please Instead of waiting for response , try your lunck
with other companies...They are just playing with your
career by offering join letter ...

Lok satta!
Is This Answer Correct ?    18 Yes 11 No
Jai Prakash Narayana.
# 9
blue vs pink refers,
colors which will helps to
remove the pain while we are in stress.

Is This Answer Correct ?    6 Yes 1 No
# 10
see in gd whenevetr a abstract topic is given, what they
basically want to seee is your can starrt
with a valid comparison like in case of pink vs blue and
then divert the topic
Is This Answer Correct ?    3 Yes 0 No

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