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What is the difference between = and == in C?
 Question Submitted By :: C++-General
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# 1
= operator in C language is used to assign the value of
right-hand side value/variable/expression to the left hand
side variable.

== operator in C/C++ language is used to check the value of
left hand variable/expression with the right hand
variable/expression. whether the two values are equal or
not. It returns true if these are equal else it will return
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Anita Sachdeva
# 2
== --->comparision
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# 3
1. First of all = is a assignment operator and == is a
comparision operator
2.= give you the same vale like x=y means if x=5 then y=5
on the otehr hand if x==y then it will give you the true or
eg if x==5
then return true
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# 4
= Assignment Operator
== Comparision Operator

One Intresting Difference between these two is in the =
operator the left side can not be a const, while in == we
can place Const in either side.
eg. x = 5 //correct
5 = x // Incorrect

but X == 5 // CORRECT
5 == X // Correct and Preffered to use left value
as constant to avoid the unwanted bug.
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# 5
= it is used to assign a variable
== it is used to comparison of vale
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# 6
= is used to assign the values to the variables.

Eg:- int a=5,b;

== is used for comparison purpose.

Eg:- if(a==b)
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# 7
= is the assigment operator

=is used to copy
a=5 means, copy just that value for 'a'.
== is comparision operator

void main()
int a;
printf("if the is not equal to 5");
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K.s. Karthick Prabu
# 8
= is assignment operator. It is used to assigne a value to a
and == is a comparison operator is is used to compare to values.
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Vaibhav Meena
# 9
give the new ans 
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# 10
= this is assignment is used to assign a
variable to variable and assign a value to variable.
== this is comparison is used to compare any
two variable and values.
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