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General Knowledge & Current Affairs

Questions and Answers - Set 1
 Question Submitted By :: General-Knowledge_Current-Affairs
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# 51
who were the first two travellers to come India in Delhi
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Sadavrati Darshit
# 52
Which country is known as "Cup Of Tea"? 
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Paresh Kakadiya
# 53
Which is a largest lake for mankind?
Plz Ans Quickly
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# 54
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# 55
pls send good gk answer m iam going rrb examination 
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Other General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
  Question Asked @ Answers
The cutting of forests leads to: (a) soil erosion and uncontrollable floods (b) desilting and denaturation (c) Increase of rainfall and humidity (d) None of these   1
Merdeka Cup is associated with (a) Hockey (b) Tennis (c) Football (d) Badminton Indian-Bank 10
The members of the Lok Sabha are directly elected by the (a) People on the basis of universal adult franchise (b) People on the basis of communal electorates (c) People on the basis of restricted franchise (d) None of the above is correct   1
Which one of the following is not a vestigial organ? (1) Tail in man (2) Splint bone in horse (3) Hair on the body of man (4) Nictiating membrane of frog   1
Which one of the following is not a genetic disease in human beings? 1 Huntington?s chorea 2 Phenylketonuria 3 Rheumatic heart disease 4 Tay-Sach?s disease   1
“Losharik” is the name of 1 The world’s deepest and most silent nuclear submarine built by Russia 2 A new missile built by Pakistan 3 A ship built by Japan 4 A book written by Shri J.N.Dixit   1
Which of the following invertebrates has an endoskeleton? (1) Snail (2) Star fish (3) Cuttle fish (4) Barnacles   1
M K Gandhi was born on October 2. Another famous Indian also born on this day-was: (a) Sardar Patel (b) Lal Bahadur Shastri (c) Rabindra Nath Tagore (d) Bhagar Singh (e) Rajendra Prasad   3
The first lady ruler of Delhi was (1) Chandi Bibi (2) Mumtaz Mahal (3) Nurjahan (4) Razia Begum APPSC 2
Which of the following is a hermaphrodite (bisexual)? 1 Mosquito 2 Hookworm 3 Bed but 4 Earthworm   2
The Planet?which has no satellite?is: (A) Mars (B) Mercury (C) Neptune (D) Pluto   5
The international Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) has recently built a temple with various statues and robots in which of the following cities? 1 New Delhi 2 Vrindavan 3 Calcutta 4 Mumbai   1
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