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next no
no arithmetic
simple logic...
 Question Submitted By :: Ruthra
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  Re: 1,5,7,40,15,_? next no no arithmetic simple logic...
# 1
no of letters
one 3
five 4
seven 5
fifteen 7

fourteen 8

1,5,7,40,15,14 or any 8 digit letter number
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  Re: 1,5,7,40,15,_? next no no arithmetic simple logic...
# 2
the answer may be 320 because of alternative series
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  Re: 1,5,7,40,15,_? next no no arithmetic simple logic...
# 3
since no arithmetic logic is required
comma between 1 and 5 is removed it results 15
so comma between 7 and 40 should be removed it results 740.
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