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in 100m race, A beats B by 10m and B beats C by 20m.By how 
much distance A beats C.
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# 1
A beats b by 10m in a 100m race
I.e a=100m b=90m
B beats c by 20m
I.e b=100m c=80m
Now when b was= 90m, c was=?
But wen b was=100m, c was=80
90*80/100 =72 (cross multiply)
So when A was 100m , b was 90m, c was 72m
Therfore. Distance between a and c is 100-72=28m
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# 2
The answer is 28m.
Let A completes race in t1 secs.
velocity(A)=100/t1 ; Velocity (B)=90/t1;

B completes race in t2 secs
Velocity(B)=100/t2; Velocity (C)=80/t2;

now 90/t1=100/t2 => t2=10*(t1)/9;

Velocity (C) = 80 * 9/10*(t1)= 72/t1;

So A defeats C by 28 meters.
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# 3
According to Question


A has covered 100 metres when B is at 90 metres
and B defeated c by 20 metres so if we subtract 90-20

answer will be 70m
means when A is at 100m

C was at 70 metres so

the distance BETWEEN A & B
and answer is 30 metres
Is This Answer Correct ?    4 Yes 15 No
Amit Rajak

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