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The gravitational force between two blocks is F what would
happen if a mass
of both the blocks as well as distance between them is doubled?
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We all Know from the elementary classes that Gravitational
Force is given as:
F=G m_1 m_2/x^2
Where m1 and m2 are masses of two bodies attracting each
other with force F. Also, G is Universal Gravitational
constant and x is the separation between two bodies.
If masses of bodies are doubled, let, m1 goes to 2m1 and m2
goes to 2m2. Also if distances between bodies is doubled,
let x=2x.
Now the gravitational force between two bodies is given as:
F^'=G (2m_1 2m_2)/(2x)^2 =(G4m_1 m_2)/(4x^2 )=G (m_1
m_2)/x^2 =F

From above two equations we come to know that when the
masses of two attracting bodies are doubled and at the same
time the separation between them is also doubled then the
gravitational force remain same or invariant.
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Sajad Ahmad Mir, Department Of

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