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What is the Lcm of root2 and 2?
 Question Submitted By :: Swetank Kumar
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  Re: What is the Lcm of root2 and 2?
# 1
Lcm of rational number and irrational number is not possible.
If you will write multiple of these two number, we will
never get any least comman multiple.
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Swetank Kumar
  Re: What is the Lcm of root2 and 2?
# 2
2 is its answer
Is This Answer Correct ?    20 Yes 2 No
Amit Rajak
  Re: What is the Lcm of root2 and 2?
# 3
root 2 
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  Re: What is the Lcm of root2 and 2?
# 4
3 root2 
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  Re: What is the Lcm of root2 and 2?
# 5
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