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what is your future plans for qatar airways group u.k?

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Other Puzzles Interview Questions
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how many zeros are there at the end of product between 1 to 100 Infosys 45
a circle is drawn...roughly in paper...the interviewer asked me to find centre point of circle?the radius,circumference is not known?how to find it? Manhattan 19
Four men - Abraham, Bobby, Clinton and Denial - are standing in a straight line. 1. One man is fair, handsome and unscarred. 2. Two men who are not fair, are each standing next to Abraham. 3. Bobby is the only man standing next to exactly one handsome man. 4. Clinton is the only man not standing next to exactly one scarred man. Who is fair, handsome and unscarred?   5
Three containers are of 15,10 and 6 ltrs capacity. Initially its in configuration (15,0,0). Make it to configuration (2,8,5).   5
one hen and its three kids where cross the road and one kid said we all seven cross road sucessfully,how seven?   4
The letters P, Q, R, S, T, U and V, not necessarily in that order represents seven consecutive integers from 22 to 33. ? U is as much less than Q as R is greater than S. ? V is greater than U. ? Q is the middle term. ? P is 3 greater than S. Can you find the sequence of letters from the lowest value to the highest value? Global-Analytics 3
one women said ?I have three sons their ages are all less than ten,the product of the two younger sons is equal to the sons age who has greatest age and the sum of their ages is always a prime number.find their ages Infosys 5
There are four groups of Mangoes, Apples and Bananas as follows: Group I : 1 Mango, 1 Apples and 1 Banana Group II : 1 Mango, 5 Apples and 7 Bananas Group III : 1 Mango, 7 Apples and 10 Bananas Group IV : 9 Mango, 23 Apples and 30 Bananas Group II costs Rs 300 and Group III costs Rs 390. Can you tell how much does Group I and Group IV cost?   1
1. There are six columns of coins and there are eight coins in each column. One of the columns is entirely of fake coins and other five columns contain real coins. Weight of one fake coin is 1 gm more than the real coin which is 50 gm. How you can tell which column contains fake coin by single weight? 2.You want to purchase a two wheeler. You got three options from the counter. 1) Pay Rs. 40,400 on single payment 2) Pay Rs. 20,000 now and remaining by two equal annual installment of Rs. 11,600 3) Pay Rs. 15,000 now and remaining by three equal annual installment of Rs. 10,000 Which option is most attractive? (Take annual interest rate 9%)   4
we have 3 rows 3 columns there in 1st row and 2nd column we have 8 values, so we add from any row or column we get value 15 please tell me how to find out this value   11
1,5,7,40,15,_? next no no arithmetic simple logic... Suzuki 3
A soldier looses his way in a thick jungle. At random he walks from his camp but mathematically in an interesting fashion. First he walks one mile East then half mile to North. Then 1/4 mile to West, then 1/8 mile to South and so on making a loop. Finally how far he is from his camp and in which direction?   1
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