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souce file having the columns like 
name company
krish IBM
pooja TCS
nandini WIPRO
krish IBM
pooja TCS
if first row will be repeat i want the result like this
name company count
krish IBM     1
pooja TCS     1
nandini WIPRO 1
krish IBM     2
pooja TCS     2

 Question Submitted By :: Data-Stage
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
first sort the both name and compamy and then,
using stage variable in transformer:
curr= name:company
val=if curr <> prev then 1 else val+1

o.p = val
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# 2
use transforemr stage and give three stage variable with intial value as 0,
then give (if company=ibm then count=count+1 else stgvar1)
like give three conditions for remaing two companies in two stage variables)
and in column derivation give if company=ibm then stgvar1 else
if company=wipro then stgvar2 else if company=tcs then stgvar3 else 0(company not in list)
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Shasank, Pr3systems
# 3
Just modified the last post with minor changes

First sort the both name and compamy and then,
using stage variable in transformer:
sv1= name:company
sv3=if sv1=sv2 then sv3+1 else sv3(initial value of sv3=1)
sv2=sv1(initial value of sv2 =XXXXXXX)


name company count=sv3
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# 4
Use below stage variables

create 4 stage variables





create extra column for store this ranks.

After this stage use the sort stage to sort the data based on ranking column.

Then will get the exact output what we are looking.

krish IBM 1
pooja TCS 1
nandini WIPRO 1
krish IBM 2
pooja TCS 2
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# 5
use aggregator stage take count(*) group by name 
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# 6

Job Design:


1. In Sort Stage, take two key, name & company and then go
to options and create a keyChange column.
2. In transformer stage, create a stage variable of integer
type (say Var1) and write in it's derivation:
if keyChange=1 then 1 else Var1+1
3. Now create a new column in tgt (say count) and in
transformer, assign that Var1 to the derivation of count.
4. Goto o/p tab of transformer and there sort the data on
count column.
You'll get the desired output.

If you have more queries, you can mail me on

Ankit :)
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Ankit Gosain
# 7
we can use aggregator stage.. nad group on the basis of name and company... 
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