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my source is sequencial file and my target is dataset.
i am running the job in two node configuration file.
my source having 10 records how the data move to target?
 Question Submitted By :: Data-Stage
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# 1
Depends on your partitioning method. If its auto - entire
rows will pass in single node.
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# 2
If we use Round Robin partitioning method,5 rows in one
node & another 5 rows in 2nd node.
If it is Entire partitioning method,all the 10 rows go into
both the nodes.
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# 3
Hi All,

Well it depends upon the partitioning technique used at the

Note: Since source is a Sequential file which is sequential
operator, it will run on a single node, no matter how many
node the configuration file is & all the 10 records will go
sequentially. But Dataset is used as a target which is a
parallel operator, it will run parallely on all the nodes
defined & the data will be distributed according to the
partitioning technique used at the target ( if the records
are not duplicate on the basis of key then we can say that
the data distribution amongs the nodes will be even).

Ankit :)
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Ankit Gosain

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