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 CCNA interview questions  CCNA Interview Questions (1882)
 CCDA interview questions  CCDA Interview Questions (88)
Suppose a Switch interface went in error-dis mode what you
will do for Troubleshooting

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what is native vlan any one explain sooraj IBM 7
I am facing one problem in my layer 2 switch I donít know the problem is on switch side or client side. The problem is some PC (not all) are stop participate in LAN they donít send or recd. Packet from switch and if I check RJ45 (with LAN tester)from PC side the packet and 8 pin wire is working fine and after that process of LAN tester I plug RJ 45 in PC now PC start recd/ send packets what is the problem I donít understand even client side no virus found RJ45 is ok and switch has no problem bcoz other PC is working fine Cable (cat 5 ) is also fine bcoz I didnít crimp again just check in LAN tester and start working fine. Plz any one solve this matter. And after lan tester process pc is working fine and after 2 or 3 hour it again start same problem and again same process lan tester I have used   5
what is stp. IBM 4
IP standard access lists use which of the following as a basis for permitting or denying packets? A.) destination address B.) port C.) protocol D.) source address   2
What is link aggregration?? How many types of protocol are used on that??? Hathway 3
Which command assigns the login password CISCO on the console terminal line? A. line vty 0 login password cisco B. line console login password cisco C. line login terminal password cisco D. line console 0 login E. line console 0 login password cisco   2
What does -1 mean in an extended IPX access-list? A.) Any IP address B.) Deny all C.) Deny host D.) Any host or any network   1
Identify the mode reflected by the following prompt 'Router'? A.) Setup B.) RXBoot C.) Boot mode D.) Privileged exec mode   1
Which of the following are examples of the Network Layer? A.) Token Ring B.) LLC C.) SQL D.) IP E.) TCP F.) IPX   3
Which three commands are used to configure information into RAM on a router? (Choose three) A. configure memory B. configure terminal C. configure overwrite D. copy tftp startup-config E. copy running-config startup-config F. copy startup-config running-config HCL 8
Using the access-list command, 'access-list 1 deny', what else must be done to stop host from sending any traffic out of physical interface E0, while still allowing other traffic? A.) In global mode, Add a line - 'access-list 1 permit' B.) On interface E0, Add a line - 'access-group 1 in' C.) In global mode, Add a line - 'access-list 1 permit all' D.) On interface E0, Add a line - 'access-list 1 in' E.) On interface E0, Add a line - 'access-list 1 out' F.) On interface E0, Add a line - 'ip access-group 1'   1
Identify the OSI layer which is responsible for end-to-end connections? A.) Network B.) Transport C.) Session D.) Data link E.) TCP HCL 2
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