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 CCNA interview questions  CCNA Interview Questions (1889)
 CCDA interview questions  CCDA Interview Questions (88)
Suppose a Switch interface went in error-dis mode what you
will do for Troubleshooting

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How do i decide if an extended access-list is in or out?   1
Which layer is responsible for determining if sufficient resources for the intended communication exists? A.) Application B.) Network C.) Session D.) Presentation E.) Transport   1
What is masking? why is needed?   4
Which is true regarding store-and-forward switching method? A.) Latency varies depending on frame-length B.) Latency is constant C.) It is default for all Cisco switches D.) It only reads the destination hardware address before forwarding the frame   1
What is VLSM? how to Calculate VLSM? where it is use and why?   13
Which of the following is a layer 2 device? A.) Switch B.) Router C.) Repeater D.) Hub   4
the term which used for describe physical alyout of network mine answer-topology   1
Which two steps are required to confound and apply standard access lists on an interface? (Choose two) A. define an access list number and its parameters B. enable an interface to become part of the access list group C. define the number of access lists to be supported on an interface D. copy the access list definition to each interface that will support it   2
What is a benefit of a virtual LAN (VLAN)? A. It increases the number of broadcast domains B. It decreases the number of broadcast domains C. It increases the numberr of collision domains D. It decreases the number of collision domains E. Since it is a vitual Interface it never shuts down   4
What is the juncture at which the CPE ends and the local loop portion of the service begins? A. Demarc B. CO C. Local loop D. Last-mile   1
Which three pieces of CDP information about neighbours routers are displayed on your console terminal? (Choose three) A. neighbours router a host name B. the neighbours router a hardware platform C. up to one address for each protocol supported D. up to two addresses for each protocol supported   1
Identify the mode reflected by the following prompt 'Router'? A.) Setup B.) RXBoot C.) Boot mode D.) Privileged exec mode   1
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