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 CCNA interview questions  CCNA Interview Questions (1889)
 CCDA interview questions  CCDA Interview Questions (88)
Suppose we have some switch in network and  we are running
RSTP how much convergence time will be there if one link down

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What does -1 signify in an extended IPX access list? A. permit this host B. deny this host C. permit only this subnet D. any host or any network   2
(1)what is "rtp" and how it work, (2)what is diffrence between igrp and eigrp (3)the slection prcedure of dr and bdr is depend open (4)why frame really is called nbma (5)what is ppp (6) what is diffrence b/w tcp and udp (7) how can we implement ospf protocall on any router (8)whta is as nomber (9)what is AD value (10)what is the broadcast id,n/w id and number of vallid host of the (11) what is stub network (12) what is contigues n/w (13)on which type of router we can implement default routing (14)what is diffrence b/w hub switch;switch router, (15)what is v lan (16)what is the diffrence b/w link sate protocal and distance vector protocall (17)what is synchoransh mode of data transfer and asynchronash mode of data transfer (18) question on lab, belive me frnds there are 20 questions and 5 questions on lab implimentaion.around 1.1/2 hour i was in interview room and after givieng 17 right answera and 4 in lab i got slected try to give answer if any difficulty or any prob plz email me on if any one of you havae boson netsim plz also intimate me   4
Hi, If we create more Gateway from one our Router Interface Gateway (Example: by set up a ISA server etc) will it effect on our bandwidth to be low? please help me   5
Which service takes information from multiple sources and allocates bandwidth on a single media? A. Time-division Multiplexing (TDM) B. Signaling System 7 (SS7) C. X.25 D. Frame relay   1
Which type of Ethernet framing is used for TCP/IP and DECnet? A. Ethernet 802.3 B. Ethernet 802.2 C. Ethernet II D. Ethernet SNAP   1
Which two of the following protocols are used at the Transport layer? A.) ARP B.) UDP C.) ICMP D.) RARP E.) TCP F.) BootP   7
What is the function of Layer 2 Device?   3
Which two statements accurately define IP addressing rules? (Choose two) A. IP multicast addresses start with 240 B. A host Carbon of all 1 a indicates a network broadcast C. The value of zero (0) in the host Carbon means all hosts on the network D. IP addresses are four octets long and contain a network Carbon and a host Carbon   2
Which command will show you if you have a DTE or DCE cable connected to an interface?   4
Which type of switching reads just the address portion of the frame and then immediately starts forwarding it? A.) Cut-Through B.) Store-and-Forward C.) Tabling D.) Routing E.) Inverse ARP F.) Fast Forward   1
Can anybody tell me how to configure a cisco router?   2
What's the default CDP holdtime in seconds for Cisco routers? A.) 30 seconds B.) 180 seconds C.) 90 seconds D.) 60 seconds   4
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