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What is difference between public sector bank and government
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# 1
Prinvate Bank: In 1994 the RBI opened the door for private
bank and handed out the ploicy to control the private banks.
& Goverment Bank:(Public sector bank) In this case all policy
are under the RBI. These are always contribute to boost up the
economic of india and avaibale in large number. like SBI, BOI,
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Rajeev Poddar
# 2
Public sector Banks are also called Nationalised banks Eg: SBI,Canara Bank etc. These banks are whollely owned by the Government of India. Private sector banks are Banks which come under Negiotiable Instruments Act but under private Management. For Eg: Federal Bank, Karur Vysya Bank etc. But all these Banks comes under the perview of Scheduled Bank since these banks are included in the Schedule of the Government of India... 
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