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 CCNA interview questions  CCNA Interview Questions (1889)
 CCDA interview questions  CCDA Interview Questions (88)
1.i have to  pcs in the network 

2. if that fails shud go through 

and and if that comes back active it shud go through itself 

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Not sure what you are asking about ? please explain the
Question properly and please donot Revile yours Pb ip
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Company XYZ has an employee that works out of the home. The employee runs big client server applications and must quickly transfer large files. The company wants the best cost/benefit on this connection. What would be the most practical solution? A. an ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) connection to the user at home B. a dedicated T1 connection to the user at home C. a dedicated Frame Relay connection to the user at home. D. a standard 28.8 analog dialup connection to the user at home.   1
what is diffrence betwwen mpls and frame really Volvo 1
Which addresses are INCORRECTLY paired with their class? A. 240 - 255, Class D B. 240 - 255, Class E C. 224 - 239, Class D D. 224 - 239, Class E   2
Dear Mr.Shahin thank you very much for your advise i realy thanks full to you. Best of luck   2
Identify the command to view the configuration-register value? A.) show register B.) display config-register C.) show config D.) show version   1
Which IP packet field will prevent endless loops? type-of-service identificationf lags time-to-live header checksum   1
Which OSI layer supports the communication component of an application? A.) Data-Link B.) Physical C.) Session D.) Presentation E.) Application F.) Transport   1
The Datalink Layer is broken down into 2 layers, LLC and MAC. The LLC establishes media independence and what else? A.) Provides Windowing. B.) Provides flow control. C.) Provides SAP's (Service Access Points). D.) The Datalink layer does not have sublayers. E.) Provides SAP's (Service Advertising Protocol). F.) RIP Updates.   2
What is the command to copy the IOS image to a TFTP server? A.) copy flash tftp B.) copy running-config tftp C.) copy ios tftp D.) copy startup-config tftp   2
Which command displays access list 111? A. show access-list 111 B. show ip access-list 111 C. display ip access-list 111 D. display access-list 111 details Satyam 6
If configuring a Cisco router to connect to a non-Cisco router across a Frame Relay network, which encapsulation type would you select? A.) Q933a B.) ISDN C.) IETF D.) CISCO E.) ANSI   1
Which IP Address Class is INCORRECTLY paired with its range of network numbers? A. Class A addresses include through B. Class A addresses include through C. Class B addresses include through D. Class C addresses include through E. Class D addresses include through   4
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