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 CCNA interview questions  CCNA Interview Questions (1889)
 CCDA interview questions  CCDA Interview Questions (88)
1.i have to  pcs in the network 

2. if that fails shud go through 

and and if that comes back active it shud go through itself 

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Not sure what you are asking about ? please explain the
Question properly and please donot Revile yours Pb ip
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What is the updates time of routing table,and what is the invalid timer, and also what is the flush timer in IGRP and EIGRP? HP 1
What is the default bandwidth of a serial connection? A.) 1200 baud B.) 1.544 Mbps (T1) C.) 10 Mbps D.) 96Kpbs   4
What is the protocol number for TCP? A.) 80 B.) 21 C.) 11 D.) 6   3
Given the global configuration command 'banner motd #7 Hello #', what do the '#' symbols represent? A.) Escape sequence to exit the menu. B.) Nothing, just part of the banner. C.) Tic Tac Toe Macro. D.) Delimiting Character E.) Message border character. F.) Number of times message to be displayed.   1
What is an example of a valid MAC address? A. B. 19-22-01-63-25 C. 0000.1234.FEGA D. Aricent 9
How can an Ethernet switch improve network performance? Choose three   2
Which 3 statements describe default encapsulation and LMI type configuration? A.) There are only 4 encapsulations and 3 LMI type options B.) The LMI type config term options C.) In release 11.2 the LMI type is autosensed D.) The default LMI is Cisco E.) IETF encapsulation must be configured unless the connecting routers are both Cisco   1
What do the following statements in an extended access list accomplish? access-list 101 deny TCP eq 21 access-list 101 deny TCP eq 20 access-list 101 permit TCP A. This will block ftp traffic. B. This will block http traffic. C. This will permit ftp traffic. D. This will permit tftp traffic.   1
The Internet Control Message Protocol occurs at what layer of the seven layer model? A.) Physical B.) Transport C.) Session D.) Datalink E.) Presentation F.) Network   3
How does inter- VLAN communication take place? A. It takes place through any Cisco router B. It takes place through a Cisco router that can run ISL C. It takes place through a router but this disables all the router a security and filtering functionality for the VLANS D. For nonroutable protocals (e.g. NetBeui) the router provides communications between VLAN domains E. Inter-VLAN communication is not possible because each VLAN is a separate broadcast domain   3
In distance-vector routing, there is a problem known as the 'count to infinity' problem. What is the most direct solution to this? A.) Defining a Maximum. B.) You can not solve the 'count to infinity' problem with a distance vector protocol. C.) Poison Reverse. D.) Triggered Updates. E.) Split Horizon.   2
What is the Broadcast IP Address?   14
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