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 CCNA interview questions  CCNA Interview Questions (1889)
 CCDA interview questions  CCDA Interview Questions (88)
1.i have to  pcs in the network 

2. if that fails shud go through 

and and if that comes back active it shud go through itself 

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Not sure what you are asking about ? please explain the
Question properly and please donot Revile yours Pb ip
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Which of the following describe SMTP? A.) Used for downloading files to the router. B.) Used for sending e-mail. C.) Uses TCP. D.) Uses UDP. E.) Uses port 25. F.) Used for managing IP devices.   1
The maximum distance on a 10BaseT network from the hub to a workstation is which of the following? A.) 500 meters B.) 1000 meters C.) 100 meters D.) 1500 meters   2
Which two of the following are valid ways to have multiple encapsulation types on a single interface? A.) This is not possible B.) subinterfaces C.) additional physical interfaces D.) secondary addresses   1
Which of the following is an example of the Physical Layer? A.) SQL B.) IP C.) LLC D.) Token Ring E.) FDDI F.) TCP   2
Which layer defines the physical topology? A.) Application B.) Transport C.) Network D.) Data Link E.) Physical F.) Session   1
If you have configured IPX on a Serial interface, which command would display the IPX network and node address on the Serial 1 interface? A.) show interface B.) show ipx s1 C.) show interface s1 D.) show ipx int serial 1 E.) show ipx int brief   1
What are the two types of access lists that can be configured on a Cisco router? A. Standard B. Extended C. Filtering D. Packet   2
Which of the following describe full-duplex transmission? A.) Uses a single wire B.) Data transmission in both directions, but only one way at a time C.) Uses a point-to-point connection from the transmitter of the transmitting station to the receiver of the receiving station D.) Data transmission in only one direction   2
Assuming no subnetting, which two pieces of information can be derived from the IP address (Choose two) A. It is a Class C address B. It is a Class B address C. The network address is D. The network address is E. The host spoon of the address is 25.10   2
Identify the command to display the IP host table? A.) show ip hostnames B.) show ip names C.) show hosts D.) show ip hosts   1
which is following route will be used to froword data in a situation where a routing table tables contains static ,RIP,IGRP routes destined to the same network with each set to its default administrative distance HCL 9
A ISDN BRI circuit can be described as a which of the following? A.) 3B channels B.) 2-64Kbps B channels and 1-16Kbps D channel C.) none of the above D.) 2-64Kbps B channels and 1-16Kbps C channel   1
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