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 Question Submitted By :: Abhishek
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# 1
#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main()

int MAX =5; /*the number to which series needs to
be created*/
int i,j,k;

/* this loop will print first half of the series*/
for (int m = MAX; m >0 ; m-- )

for( i =0; i<m; i++) /*loop to print start
numbers from 1 to MAX in each line*/

for( k = 0; k< 2*(MAX-i);k++) /*space which
needs to be printed after the incremented num*/
cout<<" ";

for( j = i ; j>0 ; j--)/* loop to print
decremented num*/


/* this loop will print next half of the series -
duplicate line skipped*/
for ( int n = 2; n <= MAX ; n++ )
for ( i = 0; i<n ; i++)

for( k = 0; k< 2*(MAX-i);k++)
cout<<" ";

for( j = i ; j>0 ; j--)


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C++ Coder

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