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Ques : What is the difference between Kuchipudi(KP) and
Bharatnattyam(BN) ?
 Question Submitted By :: Shashi Ranjan
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  Re: Ques : What is the difference between Kuchipudi(KP) and Bharatnattyam(BN) ?
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all are answers...
1) Bharatnatyam is a form of Classical dance from Tamil Nadu
whereas Kuchipudi is a classical dance form from Andhra Pradesh.
2) Bharatnatyam has more sculptured poses whereas Kuchipudi
has more rounded poses.
3) Bharatnatyam is termed the fire dance replicating the
inner fire within the human body. On the other hand,
Kuchipudi replicates manís undying desire to unite with God.
4) The Bharatnatyam costumes have three fans of dissimilar
lengths. But the Kuchipudi dresses have a single fan that is
lengthier than the lengthiest fan in the former.
5) Bharatanatyam devotes a lot of focus to the "aramandi"
position, or half-sit. Kuchipudi dancers do not sit as low
to the ground.
6) KP has some unique qualities that BN doesn't have, and
vise versa. For example, some items in Kuchipudi involve
dancing on a brass plate (Tarangam).

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Shashi Ranjan

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