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There are 8 coins in a bag .
	3 coin weights x kg
3 coins weights y kg 
2 coins weights z kg 
2 coins weights w kg 
You have to separate them into separate heaps according to 
their weights .
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At University of Probability, there are 375 freshmen, 293 sophomores, 187 juniors, & 126 seniors. One student will randomly be chosen to receive an award. What percent chance is there that it will be a junior? Round to the nearest whole percent   2
2. At a recent painting competition, jonneys rendition of a constable was not last. priya only just managed to avoid last place and came third. the lady who painted a monkey was very successful and took first place. mary beat the lady who painted the temple and the lady who painted the flower beat sachin. can you determine who painted what and who won?   1
Gomzi has 3 timepieces in his house - a wall clock, an alarm clock and a wristwatch. The wristwatch is always accurate, whereas the wall clock gains 2 minutes everyday and the alarm clock loses 2 minutes everyday. At exactly midnight last night, all three watches were showing the same time. If today is 25 July 2003, then on which date all three clocks will show the same time again?   4
Sachin, Dravid and Ganguly played in a Cricket match between India and England. ? None of them scored more than 99 runs. ? If you add the digits of the runs scored by Sachin to his own score, you will get the runs scored by Dravid. ? If you reverse the digits of the runs scored by Dravid, you will get the runs scored by Ganguly. ? The total runs scored by them is 240. Can you figure out their individual scores?   5
There are 3 lights (in one room) and 3 swtiches (in another room), one for each, if you only enter into the light room once. How can you find out which switch corresponds to which light? Lucent 12
Three convicts are brought into the warden's office. He says he can parole one of them and to decide which one he will parole he takes out 5 hats (3 red and 2 white). He stands behind them and places a hat on each one of their heads and puts the other two remaining hats in a drawer. He tells the prisioners they can look at the others hats and if they can tell which hat they have on they will be the one who is paroled. The first man looks at the other two and says, "I don't know." The second man looks at the others hats and says, "I don't know." The third man who is blind says, "Even though I have not the gift of sight I can tell by what the others have said that the color of my hat is..." What color is the blind mans hat and how does he know? Bally-Technologies 2
divide a line segment by using compass only.mind u , marking arcs on both side can be done by using compas only but u dont have ruler to join them.   1
A man has Ten Horses and nine stables as shown here. [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] The man wants to fit Ten Horses into nine stables. How can he fit Ten horses into nine stables?   3
3 men are running in circle man A run with 20m/hr, man B run with 40m/hr, man C run with 50 m/hr , and the radius of cirlce is 200m then at what time they will meet together   6
A woman took a certain number of eggs to the market and sold some of them. The next day, through the industry of her hens, the number left over had been doubled, and she sold the same number as the previous day. On the third day the new remainder was tripled, and she sold the same number as before. On the fourth day the remainder was quadrupled, and her sales the same as before. On the fifth day what had been left over were quintupled, yet she sold exactly the same as on all the previous occasions and so disposed of her entire stock. What is the smallest number of eggs she could have taken to market the first day, and how many did she sell daily? Note that the answer is not zero. Athena-Health-Care 2
Montu, Bantu, Chantu and Pintu have pets. Montu says, "If Pintu and I each have a dog, then exactly one of Bantu and Chantu has a dog." Bantu says, "If Chantu and I each have a cat, then exactly one of Montu and Pintu has a dog." Chantu says, "If Montu and I each have a dog, then exactly one of Bantu and Pintu has a cat." Pintu says, "If Bantu and I each have a cat, then exactly one of Bantu and I has a dog." Only one of the four is telling the truth. Who is telling the truth?   2
A tank can be filled by pipe A in 30 minutes and by pipe B in 24 minutes. Outlet pipe C can empty the full tank in X minutes. If the tank is empty initially and if all the three pipes A, B and C are opened simultaneously, the tank will NEVER be full. Give the maximal possible value of X.   1
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