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What is Component Testing?
How to do Component Level Testing?
 Question Submitted By :: Manual-Testing
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# 1
Component Testing means testing the component of the
system.A group of components is known as module.So a tester
always starts his/her testing from the basic level i.e
component of the application.
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# 2
Component Testing means Module Testing i.e we are testing
each module or component differently. suppose there is one
project which consists of 10 components and we are testing
each component differently then it is known as component
Testing, after component Testing Integration Testing is
done. while doing Black Box Testing or White Box Testing by
Tester first of all Component Testing is done.
Component Testing-Integration Testing-System Testing
The above is the actual scenerio before component Testing
Unit Testing is done by the developers.
While doing Unit Testing the Developers runs each
functions/method of the Component/Module.
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Gautam Vasisht
# 3
Component Testing : Testing of individual software components.

Ex :- you have different functionalities (modules/sub
modules), those are either satisfying customer requirements
or not. (BRS/SRS/FS)
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# 4
component testing: the same as unit testing except that all
stubs and simulators are replaced with the real thing.
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Navdeep Kaur
# 5
componont testing is a anything that can be tested
independently. one of the best example is unit testing.
in the unit testing we define
procedures/methods/functions,if u want to test the above
proceures we just create some test procedures withthe help
of unit testig frame working
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# 6
testing of individual program components. it is the
responsibility of components developer.
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Priya Tiwari
# 7
Unit testing is testing each & every function/method.

Component Testing is testing component/module which is a
combination of functions/methods.

Series for testing is
Unit -> Component -> Integration -> System
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Balbeer Singh
# 8
Componnet testing searches for defects in and verifies the
functioning of s/w(e.gModules,Programmes, Objects, Classess
etc.)that are seperatly testable.Stubs, Drivers and
Simulators may be used.Component testing occurs with access
to the code being tested and with the support of the
development enviornment(Unit test Framework or Debugging
tool)Here defects are typically fixed as soon as they are
found, without formally recording incidents.
Examples of Compnents are..
Memory leak, Robustness testing, Structural Testing(Branch
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# 9
Testing the components in the module rigoursly against the
customer requirements is know as Component testing.

Ex : Testing the TextBox(Edit box)...

3 testing technique is there

Error guessing
Equivalance Partitioning
Boundary Value Analysis(BVA)
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# 10
component testing is nothing but testing the part of a
module separately.. for better perfomance of that part..
the component is then integrated to the module
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