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Define an interface MilitaryPower that has the following
	The interface has two public static final variables which
are the finite x and y coordinate (i.e. the distance of the
objects should not exceed these values. These values set to 100.
	The interface has a method move that moves the military
power objects to the target value. The method will be
implemented by the other classes. The return type should be
B) Define an enum class Direction which contains the
directions (EAST, WEST, SOUTH, NORTH).
C) Define a concrete class Tank that implements
MilitaryPower, has the following properties:
	XCoordinate (Integer), YCoordinate (Integer) are the
instance variables for this class.
	All instance variables should be private.
	Write a parametered constructor that takes two parameters
assigning with the instance variables.
	Write a set and get method each of the instance variables.
	Write a method move that takes two parameters. One of them
is distance which type is integer. Another is direction
which type Direction. The method should to the following:
o	If the direction is EAST, set the x-coordinate with adding
o	If the direction is WEST, set the x-coordinate and
subtract distance from x-coordinate.
o	If the direction is SOUTH, set the y-coordinate with
adding distance.
o	If the direction is NORTH, set the y-coordinate and
subtract distance from x-coordinate.
	Write a method toString to display the tank coordinates.

D) Define an array holding 10 MilitaryPower objects, all of
them being a Tank. Then display each of the object
information on the screen. (display its movements  and

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