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 CCNA interview questions  CCNA Interview Questions (1883)
 CCDA interview questions  CCDA Interview Questions (88)
What will transport layer do when data coming from session 
layer. They asked about intial operation(3 - way handshake)
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transport layer basically take the data from session layer and select that,its a tcp or udp means wether it is reliable connection or unreliable connection and it also maintains the destination port and the source port as well and give all that information to network layer 
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Identify the IPX standard access-list number range? A.) 600 - 699 B.) 1000 - 1099 C.) 1 - 99 D.) 100 - 199 E.) 800 - 899   1
Which ISDN protocol prefix specifies switching and signalling? A.) I B.) E C.) Q D.) S   1
What is the Broadcast MAC Address? Avaya 3
Identify the administrative distance and appropriate routing protocol? A.) RIP = 255, IGRP = 100 B.) RIP = 100, IGRP = 120 C.) RIP = 1, IGRP = 0 D.) RIP = 120, IGRP = 100   4
Which statement about an IP network is true? A. A broadcast source MAC address contains all zeros B. A MAC address is part of the physical layer of the OSI model C. MAC addresses are used by bridges to make forwarding decisions. IP address are used by routers. D. IP addresses allow a flat addressing scheme. MAC addresses use a hierarchical addressing scheme.   2
Using the TCP/IP protocol suite a message is sent from host A to a destination IP address on the same LAN. How does host A determine the destination of MAC address? A. It uses a proxy APP B. It uses APP requests C. It uses RARP requests D. It uses a router lookup table   1
Hello Every one. Can anyone please explain me the 7 OSI Layers with some general example? I am trying to learn it from last few months but i cant i realy need it. Thanks   2
What is a disadvantage of using a connection oriented protocal such as TCP? A. Packet acknowledgement may add overhead B. packets are not tagged with sequence numbers C. Loss or duplication of data packets is more likely to occur D. The application layer must assume responsibility for correct searchers of the data packets   1
Identify the 3 Internet layer IP protocols? A.) NetBios B.) IPX C.) ARP D.) IP E.) RARP   1
The two sublayers of the IEEE Data Link Layer are which of the following? A.) Link and Logical Control B.) Data Link and LLC C.) Logical Link Control and Media Access Control D.) Data Link and MAC   3
Identify command that configures 'Cisco1' as a secret password? A.) Router(config)# enable secret password Cisco1 B.) Router(config)# enable secret cisco1 C.) Router(config)# enable password Cisco1 D.) Router(config)# enable secret Cisco1   2
You want to set the console password to ralph. What would be the first command you need to execute from global configuration mode? A.) line console 0 B.) enable password ralph C.) login password ralph D.) set password= ralph E.) password ralph F.) login Ralph   1
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