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 CCNA interview questions  CCNA Interview Questions (1882)
 CCDA interview questions  CCDA Interview Questions (88)
What will transport layer do when data coming from session 
layer. They asked about intial operation(3 - way handshake)
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  Re: What will transport layer do when data coming from session layer. They asked about intial operation(3 - way handshake)
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transport layer basically take the data from session layer and select that,its a tcp or udp means wether it is reliable connection or unreliable connection and it also maintains the destination port and the source port as well and give all that information to network layer 
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The Cisco Catalyst 5000 switch supports full duplex. How would you enable it on the second port of the card in slot 1? A.) router(config-if)# duplex full B.) router(config)# duplex full C.) router(config-if)# set port duplex D.) router(config)#port duplex = full E.) router(config-if)# set port 1/2 full   1
What is the distance limitation for 100BaseT? A. 607 ft B. 25 Meters C. 1,000 ft D. 185 Meters   1
When setting up a WAN network, everything outside of the Demarc is not owned by the customer. Which of the following are not owned by the customer? A.) The T1 line. B.) LAN C.) The Router D.) DTE E.) PC's F.) CO   1
Which layer of the 7 layer model provides services to the Application layer over the Session layer connection? A.) Transport B.) Application C.) Session D.) Network E.) Datalink F.) Presentation CTS 2
Which protocol carries messages such as destination Unreachable, Time Exceeded, Parameter Problem, Source Quench, Redirect, Echo, Echo Reply, Timestamp, Information Request, Information Reply, Address Request, and Address Reply? A. ICMP B. UDP C. TCP D. TFTP E. FTP   2
We have one router,we r using two routing protocol eigrp 90 net, ospf 110 net on same router, Is it possible? Wipro 6
Which of the following is not a characteristic of link-state routing protocols? ❍ A. VLSM support ❍ B. Route summarization at any bit level ❍ C. Full routing updates at regular intervals ❍ D. Discontiguous network support   2
In transport layer, for connection oriented communication Three way handshake process is there to establish a connection. So question is that, when a host send an ACK messages to another host with host intend to establish a connection, the source host send it as Broadcast or unicast message? Cud anyone explain this. Thanks in advance. HCL 3
Switching methods include cut-through, store and forward, and a modified version of the first two methods. Which statement about switching methods is true? A. The store and forward method has low latency B. The cut through method of switching has high latency C. The modified version holds the packet in memory until 50 percent of the packet reaches the switch D. The modified version holds the packet in memory until the data spoon of the packet reaches the switch   3
Which command can verify Application Layer connectivity between 2 hosts? A.) ftp B.) snmp C.) telnet D.) ping E.) traceroute CTS 4
Which NetWare protocol works on layer 3--network layer--of the OSI model? A. IPX B. NCP C. SPX D. NetBIOS   1
What is the protocol number for TCP? A.) 80 B.) 21 C.) 11 D.) 6   3
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