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 General Physics interview questions  General Physics Interview Questions (386)
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what are the passive two-wire elements?

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How dies fanning produce a sense of coolness to the face ?   1
application of optical fibers and sensors Caterpillar 2
It is easier to knock a man down when he is standing on one leg than when he stands on two legs. Why ?   1
the force of attraction of earth on a man, who is inside the artificial satellite, is Zero state whether the above statement is correct, if not correct please give the correct answer   1
Does an aeroplane overtaking other aeroplane pass through its right or left ?   2
Why the objects which ate perfect reflectors or transparent, not so easily visible ?   1
When we jump form the boat to the bank why the boat goes backwards from the bank ?   1
A Transverse wave travels along Z-axis. The particles of the medium travels along??   1
A coil consisting of 200 turns of wire has its ends connected to a circuit such that the total resistance of the coil and the circuit is 2.0 ohm. There is no source of e.m.f. in the circuit. Each turn of the coil is a square of side 18 cm, and a uniform magnetic field directed perpendicular to the plane of the coil is turned on. If the field changes linearly from 0 to 0.5 T in 0.8 s, what is the magnitude of the current in the coil while the field is changing?   1
why are metals able to conduct current so well?   3
what is newton first formula RRB 3
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