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what is difference between user managed  backup and rman backup?
 Question Submitted By :: DB-Administration
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1.To take both the bkp the db should be in Archive log
2.Rman doesn't put tablespace in bkp mode.
3.the biggest advantage of Rman is that it takes the bkp of the used space/blocks of database.where user managed bkp takes the bkp of complete data file.
4.Rman will automatically detect block corruption,which is not possible in Hot bkp.
5.In Rman we can take incremental bkp,which is not possible in User managed bkp.
6.Rman is FRA aware.We can perform table space point in time recovery,as block change tracking also which is not possible in user managed backup.
7.Most importantly,Rman will re-read the data block until it gets the consistent image of it.
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Iliyas Ali

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