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What is the difference between the C & C++?
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# 1
c++ is an object oriented language
where as c is not.c++ we can use class which is used to
reduce lines of code in a program
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# 2
C C++

1.The execution of 'c The execution of c++ program is
program is top to bottom bottom to top approach.

2.Implementation of complex It is easy.
program is difficult.

3.Middle level language. It is hybrid language.

4.Every cycle changes not Possible in c++
possible in 'c'.

5.Less security for data More security for ddata
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# 3
c is a procedure oriented language where as c++ is a object oriented language. 
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# 4
c c++
c is procedure oriented
language c++ object oriented language

C is top to down approach C++ is bottom up approach

C doesnot supports
functionoverloading C++ supports

C is not more secure
C++ is more secure because
of encapulation
C does not related to whole
world entity
C++ relates whole world
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# 5
The c is purely procedure The c++ is purely object
oriented programming
oriented progeaming

This is the main difference between these 2
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# 6
.In c more emphasis is given on procedure,but in c++ more
emphasis is given on data rather than procedure.
.In c the large program is divided into number of smaller
programs called modules,where as in c++ the program is
divided into objects.
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# 7
c is procedure oriented programming language whereas c++ is
a object oriented language.
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# 8
C C++

it is pop it is oop

in c,we caanot use class in c++,we can use class
to create to create programs.

c dont hav bool data it has bool datatype.
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# 9
c is structered lang,c++ is oo lang.
poiter use in c++ but does not use in c
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