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What is the difference between schizocoelous and
enterocoelous coelom formation?
 Question Submitted By :: Zoology
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# 1
Coelom is a cavity inside mesoderm. Schizocoelic coelom
(schizocoel) develops as a split in the embryonic mesoderm.
Enterocoelic coelom(enterocoel) develops as mesodermal
pouches arising from the gut of the embryo.
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# 2
SCHIZOCOELOUS:Body cavity formed by the splitting of measoderm ENTEROCOELOUS:Coelome is developed as an outpouching of archenterons. 
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Gulzaman William
# 3
schizocoelous coelom develops from two masses of mesoderm which are split.(protostomes)
Enterocoelic coelom develops from mesoderm which is attached to the archenteron wall. (Deuterostomes)
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J Smooth
# 4
In schizocoelous coelom, coelom formation occurs by the splitting of mesodermal layer.Most commonly seen in annelids,arthropodes and molluscs.
Whereas in enterocoelous coelom, coelom formation occurs from wall of the embryonic gut as hollow outgrowth.Commonly seen in echinoderms and chordates.
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Dr.shivangii Bajpai
# 5
Schizocoelom and Eneterocoelom both are the coeloms, it
means there is cavity inside the mesoderm.but the differce
is that in Schizocoelom some cells from the enteron comes
out in the embryonic stage. And these cells develop into
coelom known as schizocoelom. Whereas in Enetrocoelom the
enteron develops into two mesodermal pouches in its side
from the gut of the embryo and these pouches gradually
separate from the enteron and later on develops into a
coelom known as Enterocoelom.
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Hiranmai Dey
# 6
Schizocoel:according to Hymen(1951),coelom arises due to
the spliting of mesoderm.
Enterocoel:here coelom arises from mesodermal sacs
evaginating from primitive gut and untill they touch the
body wall.
Schizocoelic animals are annelids,arthropods,molluscs ete
Enterocoelic animals are chordates,Echinodermata
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Bilas Sardar
# 7
Mesoderm cleaves and expanded forming the coelom, therefore
this is called schizocielom.A small pouch originates from
the embryonic gut and develops into the coelom. Therefore
this is called enterocoelom
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