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find the remainder when 2222^(5555)+5555^(2222)is divided 
by 7
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# 1
Sol: the remainder of a^c + b^d when it is divided by x is
same as the sums of rems of a,b to the power c and d.
2222/7 has a remainder of 3 and 5555/7 has a remainder of 4.
So (3)^5555 mod 7 + (4)^2222 mod 7 is the same as
(3)^5 mod 7 + (4)^2 mod 7 = (5 + 2)mod 7 = 0
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# 2
kindly explain the last step.
(3)^5 mod 7 + (4)^2 mod 7 = (5 + 2)mod 7 = 0
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