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100 glasses are there. A servant has to supply glasses to a 
person If he supplies the glasses without any damage he 
will get 3 paise otherwise he will loose 3 paise. At the 
end of supplying 100 glasses if he gets 270 paise, how many 
glasses were supplied safely.
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# 1
Suppose that x glassses are supplied safely , therefore
(100-x) glases are damage. Then equation is :

3x - 3(100-x) = 270

on solving this equation value of x comes out to be 95.
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Arshdeep Mann
# 2
Wrong again: Answer is 95.

If there are x damaged glasses and y undamaged glasses then

x + y = 100

since each glass delivered undamaged is worth 3 points and
each damaged glass deducts 3 points:

and we know that the net result is 90 glasses worth of
points then:

x - y = 90 -----> x = 90 + y

(90 + y) + y = 100

2*y = 10 ---> y = 5

so if number of damaged glasses was 5 then undamaged must
be 100 - 5 = 95
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Chris Again
# 3
while supplying 90 safe glasses he got 270 paise but what
abt the loss because he has loose 3 paise for unsafe
glasses so
suppose x is the number for safely reaching glasses
so for damage glasses
complete eq is 3x-3(100-x)=270
solving this we get 95 which is the answer
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Prateek Sahgal
# 4
who is chris, he must be read math more and more..
by the way coreect answer is 95 glasses...
the equation is
x=95 Ans
Is This Answer Correct ?    8 Yes 0 No
Nishant Srivastava
# 5

x= Number of undamaged Glasses.
Y= Number of Damaged glases.
Received Rs.270: 3(X-Y)=270...........(1)
Servent would receive Rs. 300 If he supplies Without
damaging all the glsses. i.e 3X+3Y=300.............(2)

Solving equation (1) and (2)
We get X=95--Glasses which supplied safely.
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# 6
my answer is 95 
Is This Answer Correct ?    4 Yes 1 No
# 7
90 classes were supplied safely 
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# 8
lets total sefty glass are x;
then dameg glass are 100-x;
so equation is

3*x - 3*(100-x) = 270
x-100+x = 90;
2x = 190;
x = 190/2

so ans will be 95
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Rakesh Prasad
# 9
well let x be no of not broken glasses and y be no of broken glasses


now he get 3 paise for every not broken glass and he loses 3 paise for every broken one

so 3x paise he will get for total no of not broken glasses

and he will lose 3y paise for broken glasses

so the eqn is


thus solving the eqns (1) and (2)
we get

x=95 and y=5

so 95 glasses are supplied safely
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# 10
don't guide us to think in ur bloody logical style.
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