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 Call Centre AllOther interview questions  Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions (2000)
speak for 2min about corruption?
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# 1
corruption is deep rooted in Indian society. It is the
reason of so many problems that we are facing in present
time like unemployment and other related problems. But let
me tell you the main reason behind corruption. The reason is
our unawareness towards our rights. We people don't make
full use of the rights that are given to us by our
constitution.So if we want to remove corruption then we
should start it with us.
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Resham Agrawal
# 2
according to my view corruption is just like cancer.that can't be cured .i think that when a duty is assign you and you
perform that duty in such away that you get your own benefits not the goals and objective of your assigner.
when a person do a work intentialy to earn more while they know that by doing such other human being will be got lost.
THE word corruption has been deduced from corrupt which means to change from good to bad in morals,manners and action.corruption stand for impairment of integrity,virtue or means.bribe and corruption is going side by side
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Basir Khan
# 3
Gud evening one and all.I am Annaji Rao.k.
Now a days corruption spread through India like
viral decease.Every one is getting salaries for their work
apart from that somebody want more and more which desire
leads to corruption.Having desire to earn more is good for
that demanding people for their work is not good.Officers
are in office to do work for the people not for free of cost
if it is related to their department.
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Annaji Rao
# 4
Everyone knows that corruption is a major problem in india
and it has became a boon for the people who wants their work
to be completed within time and due to this corruption has
increased by both giver and taker but they don't think that
they need not to be corrupted to be successful in life.It
happens because of the people who does not think about the
real values of life but they may be influence either by
greed or by fear.So to stop corruption bring the change in
yourself and then guide others.
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# 5
Corruption is dishonesty,where the trust between any two
parties fails, the gap which will be created is renamed as
corruption often.Only the trust that exists will eliminate
the ruins it caused over a period of time.
When anything planned does not happen as it was planned,
and some unknown happens by a natural calamity or
unpreceded event, will some time cause corruption showing
the calculations overrun or estimation done in the plan
without the expenditure done on the unpredictable
events.Corruption could be in various forms of
Estimations,Not meeting the Expected outcome,etc..causing
the loopholes leading to it.Believe act agaist corruption
is more important than the speak against of it.(corrections
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# 6
Corruption is like disease its indian goverment people cause it is a virus of money hw to get more money rich or middle class people dnt think more abt corruption bcz they hv money bcz spend on corruption bt poor people facing and sometimes they cry bcz of corruption if u wnt to cure this diseas stop giving or taking corruption. Bt one question arise on mind hw i get the job etc bt think of poor peopke thy dbt hve money 
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# 7
Corruption is rampant anywhere in the world: in work or in
government. People are craving for more of what they have,
this attitude leads to what is so called "corruption".
Corruption makes people doomed to poverty, physical poverty,
psychological and most of all the spiritual poverty. People
who are experiencing extreme poverty lose their dignity,
self esteem and even themselves. Corruption is a silent
beast that makes everyone stupid.
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# 8
speak on a word corruption.

mike,dias,audience and applauds& standing ovations.


It is not a question that should be ended with question
mark.but considered as a topic to discuss with above
subject 'corruption'.
min understood as minimum.with 2, it is understood that
minimum 2minutes of time.
about understood as about the word corruption.neither
management of corruption, where about the
corruption,control of the corruption.

Resources of information:
spoken languages.

To be Done:
2min can be mourned for the late leaders who sacrifised the
time for the elimination of corruption.

tool : FMS

Call center for alerting and information provided on the

The mismatch of the words speak and corruption
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# 9
goog afternoon every one my name is sinivas.corrruption is
playing big role in india....corruption spreads all over is viral decease,most of governments its
leads,government officers thay geting every month evan they
curreped if nay one go to him they first need money then
thay started work........these kind of peoples government
can take action,than we rectife something.........i hope i
will see sonn anti corruption india.....
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# 10
Good Morning to everyone. I am Teja. Today i would like to
reveal about corruption in India. Corruption is the main
cause to india to growndown because now a days like every
where corruption. every one thinking like what to do what to
earn money like that. but they are not thinking if we r like
this when country will develop. As a Indian it is ours
responsibility to overcome this problem then only our
country will develop. ThankU.

Pls tell me if is there any mistakes.
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