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What aer the out put files that the informatica server
creates during the session running?
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# 1
Informatica server log: Informatica server(on unix) creates
a log for all status and error messages (default name:
pm.server.log). It also creates an error log for error
messages. These files will be created in informatica home

Session log file: Informatica server creates session log
file for each session. It writes information about session
into log files such as initialization process, creation of
sql commands for reader and writer threads, errors
encountered and load summary. The amount of detail in
session log file depends on the tracing level that you set.

Session detail file: This file contains load statistics for
each targets in mapping. Session detail include information
such as table name,number of rows written or rejected. yoU
can view this file by double clicking on the session in
monitor window

Performance detail file: This file contains information
known as session performance details which helps yoU where
performance can be improved. To genarate this file select
the performance detail option in the session property sheet.

Reject file: This file contains the rows of data that the
writer does not write to targets.

Control file: Informatica server creates control file and a
target file when yoU run a session that uses the external
loader. The control file contains the information about the
target flat file such as data format and loading instructios
for the external loader.

Post session email: Post session email allows yoU to
automatically communicate information about a session run to
designated recipents. U can create two different
messages.One if the session completed sucessfully the other
if the session fails.

Indicator file: If u use the flat file as a target,yoU can
configure the informatica server to create indicator file.
For each target row, the indicator file contains a number to
indicate whether the row was marked for insert, update,
delete or reject.

output file: If session writes to a target file,the
informatica server creates the target file based on file
prpoerties entered in the session property sheet.

Cache files: When the informatica server creates memory
cache it also creates cache files. For the following
circumstances informatica server creates index and datacache

Aggreagtor transformation

Joiner transformation

Rank transformation

Lookup transformation
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# 2
Run the infacmd ConvertLogFile -in <inputfilename> -lo
<outputfilename>. This batch file is present in
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# 3
Check the backward compatibility option to view the .bin
log files in readble format.
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# 4
i am getting these session log file in .bin format but i
want it in text can i get it??
i am using informatica 8.5.1 with windows on client and
server both.
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