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3. Given 1000 bottles of juice, one of them contains poison
and tastes bitter. Spot the spoiled bottle in minimum sips?
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# 1
Take 500 of the bottles and put one drop from each of them into an empty bottle. Taste the juice in that bottle. If it's bitter, you know the poison is in one of them; if not, it's in one of the other 500. Now, take 250 of the bottles you've chosen and put one drop from each into another empty bottle and taste it. Now, you've narrowed it down to 250 bottles. Repeat, and narrow it down to 125... then 63... then 32... 16...8... 4... 2... and finally 1. And you only had to taste the juice 10 times, instead of possibly 999. 
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# 2
We can use the Divide and Conquer Sorting Algorithms, to get
the mininum number of sips.

Exact number cannot be said, it depends on which part/where
the spoiled bottle is placed.

But using this technique it can be found.
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# 3
see if you have to check poison then think that the bottle
with poison will not be sealed as it was first filled with
juice and then poison.
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Gunjan Rawal
# 4
ans can be any below putting one bitter drop and rest other drops in a empty bottle cannot determine whether its bitter or not . 
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# 5
minimum sips required to spot the poison-mixed bottle is 1.
out of 1000, i select any one bottle. that can turn out to
be the poisonous one.
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Sandeep Palav
# 6
if check out the poison...i wud say,i will not... 
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# 7
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# 8
there are 1000 bottles and one is spoiled !!
NICE ! now our job is to detect the spoiled 1 with minimum
sips .... hmmmm think like sherlock holmes now !
probability of finding that one in 1000 is 1/1000
divide those 1000 into 4 parts 250 ,250, 250, 250
well well well now as i told only one is bitter means, it is
alkaline and it will turn a red litmus paper (ph paper) into
blue ...
now collect a litmus paper from nearest store and start
dipping in first 250 bottles block !!
voila !! if it turned to blue , that one is the infected one
!! and u spotted it without even sipping :P
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# 9
i will destroy one of the bottles and will replace it wid a one wid poison.......and the bottle can be easily spotted 
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# 10
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Gokulnath .k

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