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Why do you want to go abroad?
 Question Submitted By :: H1B-Visa
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# 1
I would like to work with the organization where i can
develop my skills and want to become as aprt of the
organization's growth.
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# 2
Sir, actually there is financial problem at home.. our family hands to mouth. i am only one son of my father. And all responsibility on my sholdier. That's why i would like to go to abroad to earn bread and butter for my family.. bcoz in this deafness it's too difficult to run the home chors. 
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Ayub Ali
# 3
Well, to speak candidly, Iím eager to visit abroad
particularly United States for specific motives.

Enriching my language and psychological awareness,
familiarizing with rich mingling of ethnic groups, their
customs, history and living standards and acclimatizing to
the new settings, routine and living pace all these factors
whets my enthusiasm to set off overseas.

I could have a chance of adapting to the independent life;
hence being overseas would be a splendid opportunity of
experiencing myself in unfamiliar surroundings, boosting my
confidence, emotional reinforcement and metamorphosis.

My eagerness to visit abroad is inspired by educational
aims, foreign universities tend to offer very attractive
scholarships for laudable learners, and this factor is a
pecuniary advantage for parsimonious families and studentsí
frugality motivations. Consequently, foreign countries have
better perspectives and more optimal conditions for
acquiring fluent education. If you have an aspiration to
accomplish something worthwhile in your avocation, you
should go to remote location in order to study.

I wonder what measures people and government take for
dealing with environmental encumbrances and ameliorating
countryís ecological condition, what strategies do my peers
have for developing their career path and creating a
prosperous future.

In denouement, the aforementioned factors motivate my
enthusiasm to visit overseas, particularly United States.
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Davit Mindiashvili (16 Years O
# 4
There're several reasons why I wish to set off overseas.
First and foremost enriching my language awareness and
familiarizing with rich mingling of people of different
ethnic groups, their customs and living standards.
In addiion visiting abroad would be a big novelty for me,
and novelties can make our insipid and lackluster living
more vivacious.
Life's complex, replete with myriad of vicissitudes, you
never know what may happen next day, so I'd rather adjust
to the independent. So visiting abroad would be a
fundamental premise of boosting my personal skills and
experiencing myself in unfamilliar surroundings.
First and foremost my aspiration to visit abroad is
inspired by educational aims. Foreign universities tend to
offer very attractive scholarships for laudable learners.
Hence, studying abroad seems to be a pecuniary advantage
for parsimonious families and students' frugality
motivations. So, if you have an aspiration to accomplish
something worthwhile in your career-path, you'd better go
to remote location in order to study because it has more
optimal conditions and better perspectives for receiving
fluent education.
Well, I'm interested in the most common hobbies and sorts
of my peer's entertainment. I wonder what strategies they
have to develop their career-path and create a prosperous
I'm interested in people's psychology, so visiting abroad
would enlighten me about what human attributes foreign
appreciate and what they abhor.
Well, in denouement, we'll surmise that aforementioned
factors have a profound impact on my decision to set off
overseas for certain period of time.
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Dato Mindiashvili (nickname Gu
# 5
First of all, I want to have a clear purpose in my life. I
live in Georgia, where the educational system by and by
becomes more and more refined. Though, in my period of
studying I have to face so many problems in the case of
studying... For example, I am a future journalist and I
need to know the roots of cinematography, theatre, music -
arts.. It's my duty and besides, these are fields I am
interested in. Thats' why I have chosen Journalism as my
profession. But... the lecturers are so inappropriate
during the semester. They even don't care, who you are,
they do never try to contact with you and make the subject
much more interesting, than I, as a student expect. I don't
think, that my requirements are strict. They are just
natural! Now you can conclude, why I need to go abroad. I
suppose, that I can find my working space there... But I'm
not sure, that my way of thinking and planning is not just
an illusion, which may fade away and leave me frustrated.
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# 6
this essay isn't very good, just in a few minutes i'll have
written much better than these,
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# 7
i want to Go Abroad because i see clairly that my skills
can't be realized here and no one ideas are
americains,it can be called stupid here but i think i would
realy like to go abroad specialy to usa i can talk
english ...i studied about it culture...about people,i like
usa^^ You Can e-mail me if your interrested about me that
will be nice :)
Is This Answer Correct ?    10 Yes 55 No

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