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What is mean concrete class c35/20. Here C35 and 20 means?
 Question Submitted By :: Civil-Engineering
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# 1
c35 stands for design concrete sympol c with 35 N/mm2
& 20 means the size of aggregate used in that mix
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# 2
in few instances we mark C35/20. in indicate C35, is
concrete grade or strenght (both same) as 35Mpa in 28 days.
20 is the agreegate size.

in other instances, internationaly they use like C40/50,
which means C40 - Cylinder strength in MPa and 50 is
equivalent Cube strength in MPa
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Shyam Sundar
# 3
Not quite right. C35 is the crushing strength of concrete in
SI units. It's is a measurement of 35Mpa, which means mega
pascals. 35 therefore means a crushing strength of 35
million pascals per square metre in the mgs system, or 35
million pascals per square metre. A pascal is the SI unit of
pressure and is equal to 1 newton pressure per square metre,
ie, 35 million newtons per square metre. As a metre is a
large area, to reduce to say a mm square, we divide by
1000x1000, which is a million. This gives us 35 newtons per
quare millimetre. To give an idea in imperial measurements,
7Mpa, or C7 concrete is roughly 1,000 psi, or just under
half an imperial ton per square inch, ie, 1000/2240.
C35 is therefore roughly 5,000 psi, or 2 tons per square inch.
C35 is a fairly strong mix and would be used for say a
semi-suspended over site. For form work or strong structural
work, up to C70 can be used.
Posted 14.09.11.
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Dr. P. Morton-thurtle
# 4
EC2 classifies the compressive strength of normal concrete
in relation to cylindrical strength measured at 28 days.

C40/50 means concrete specimen having cylindrical strength
of 40 N/mm2 and cube strength of 50 N/mm2.
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# 5
Guestion is not correct - C 35/20.

It will be C32/40, C10/15 .....(New Europan standarts,
concrete class, from 2003 year)
Here first 32 or 10 strength of concrete according with
cylinder test result, 40 or 15 are strength of concrete
according the cube result (N/mm2)
For example C32/40 concrete class old C40 grade. Old C40
also N/mm2 cube (150x150x150)mm test result
All cube result with 150x150x150 mm size of cubes. It is
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Avaz Huseynov
# 6
c35 means grade of concrete and 20 means strength 
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Amit Singh
# 7
20 means 20 mPa and 30 not clear but may be temperature at
which concrete should carried out
Is This Answer Correct ?    4 Yes 40 No
Ujjval Solanki

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