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What is Difference between Application object and Session Object
 Question Submitted By :: Pandurang Kumbhar
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  Re: What is Difference between Application object and Session Object
# 1
Session object is user specific. A unique session id creates for every user when a user opens application. A application object is application specific. It remains the same for all the users. 
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Chandra Prakash Andani
  Re: What is Difference between Application object and Session Object
# 2
Application object store the data till application is shut down.

Session object store the data till browser close.
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M Madar
  Re: What is Difference between Application object and Session Object
# 3
Session objects resets when a user logs out i.e,the user
session is timmed out but applications objects are reset
when the application is uninstalled.
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  Re: What is Difference between Application object and Session Object
# 4
sessions are used to store key-value pairs.
sessions are used to identify every user who make request to web application and create the id for every user is called sessionid,sessionid will travel between every request and response using cookie.

Application object also used to store key-value pairs same like sessions.
Application object is used to share by all users,which is common for every user.
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  Re: What is Difference between Application object and Session Object
# 5
session is only for uniqe identified of the user
but application object is not only pertiquler person it can be used any person
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