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why u want to join indian air force?
 Question Submitted By :: Ravinder
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  Re: why u want to join indian air force?
# 21
I want to join IAF because to uplift my status,to use my
innovation skills and curiosity to join fourth largest
airforce among the world.
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Mr. Anuj Tyagi
  Re: why u want to join indian air force?
# 22
i want to join indian air force because i want to serve my
country and i want to give those quality and thing to wjhich
is in me..
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  Re: why u want to join indian air force?
# 23
Becoming an part of Indian Air Force is like a feeling
proudness about our nation & parents.That is why I am joining
IAF to give my 100% to Nation .
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  Re: why u want to join indian air force?
# 24
it is the dream of every person to fly in the air.
Thus Indian AIR Force is the best way through which one can
fulfill the dream of flying in the air.On the other hand,it
also gives us the chance to protect our motherland & its
children(the people of India) and ensures that they live
their life happily and safely.
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Abhishek Prakash
  Re: why u want to join indian air force?
# 25
i want to become serve the country in an active way.... and also want to do social service...... all this can be achieved therefore... hence.. 
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Vivek Suman
  Re: why u want to join indian air force?
# 26
It has been my dream for a very long time to be a pilot. When I become a part of the Indian Air Force, I will be serving my country. I will be a part of the 4th largest Air Force in the world, and I will be proud to contribute to make it better, and to take from it, knowledge, and wisdom. I will do what I love, and love what I do. 
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Aditya Zanwar
  Re: why u want to join indian air force?
# 27
Not only for loving my country, but also for good job 
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  Re: why u want to join indian air force?
# 28
when i was a child i saw
many aeroplanes and
helicopters in the sky
they inspired me alot to
become pilot..when i use
to heard the sounds of
jets flying in air it
remebers me of my be a pilot of
iaf it will give me
extraordinary feeling of
nationalism and
countryism...i want to
give my best service to
my country people.
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Yogit Bishnoi

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