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Which of the following is a practice that should be
incorporated into the plan for testing disaster recovery

A. Invite client participation.

B. Involve all technical staff.

C. Rotate recovery managers.

D. Install locally stored backup.
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# 1
Answer: C

Recovery managers should be rotated to ensure the experience
of the recovery plan is spread. Clients may be involved but
not necessarily in every case. Not all technical staff
should be involved in each test. Remote or offsite backup
should always be used.
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# 2
Answer: C

Recovery managers should be rotated in order to get the
experience required in all aspects of recovery. Not all
technical staff is needed, nor install locally stored
backup is an action of testing DR.

Referencen CISA Review Manual 2007
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# 3
C. Rotate recovery managers.

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# 4
D Install locally stored backup

Retrieve the backup data and install it in the local drive
so as to verify that the data is correct.

There is no need for client participation, nor require all
tech. staff and recovery managers. SQA can do this work at
regular intervals and can verify the locally stored backup
for its correctness.
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