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Peter and Paul are two friends. The sum of their ages is 35 
years. Peter is twice as old as Paul was when Peter was as 
old as Paul is now. What is the present age of Peter?

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# 1
when ws peter as as paul is nw?? (x-y) years ago!!

so those years ago paul's age= y-(x-y) yrs

now qstn says peter is twice the age as paul ws then.

so x/2 = y-(x-y)

or x/2=2y-x

or x= 4y - 2x

or 3x = 4y

or y = 3/4x

rplacing d value of y in d equation x+y=35 we get answer as

y =15.

thus (x-y)=5 yrs ago y was 10 and x is twice that=20.
but x+y=35
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Sumit Jha
# 2
The answer is 21 years old (age of Peter).


let x = present age of Peter
y = present age of Paul

When Peter has the same age as Paul (y yrs. old), age of
Paul is y/2 yrs. old. Since the differences of there ages
are equal for the 2 events, we have the equation...

x - y = y - y/2
y = (2/3)x

Substituting the equation of y to the equation x + y = 35,
will give us....

x + (2/3)x = 35

therefore, x = 21 (age of Peter)
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# 3
7yreas 6 months 
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