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A thief steals half the total no of loaves of bread plus 1/2
loaf from a bakery. A second thief steals half the remaining
no of loaves plus 1/2 loaf and so on. After the 5th thief
has stolen there are no more loaves left in the bakery. What
was the total no of loaves did the bakery have at the beginning
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# 1
31 is the answer...

let y be the total no. of loaves
a be the remaining loaves after 1st thief
b be the remaining loaves after 2nd thief
e = 0 be the remaining loaves after 5th thief

a = y - 0.5y - 0.5
= 0.5y - 0.5
b = a - 0.5a - 0.5
= 0.5a - 0.5
c = 0.5b - 0.5
d = 0.5c - 0.5
e = 0.5d - 0.5 but e = 0,
d = 1
c = 3
b = 7
a = 15
y = 31 -> answer
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# 2
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# 3
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Shaheen Bagban
# 4
let the total b x
1st thief = .5x
2nd thief = .25x
3rd = .125x
4th = .0625x
5th = .03125x
5th thief must have theft the last loaves ie =1
so .03125x = 1
and x= 32 ans
assumption made:the thief can not cut the loaves in half,had he cut the loave in the last then still half loaf shuld hav left.and there is no digit in the number system except 0 which couldnt b halfed,
now if u think i shoul find an answer by thinkin 5th thief hav got 0 loaf then the question becomes wrong bcoz it says ntng had left for sixth thief
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Shashank Sharma

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