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Linux system monitoring Tools?
 Question Submitted By :: Linux-Commands
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# 1
1 top - Process Activity Command
2 ps - Displays The Processes
3 iostat - Average CPU Load, Disk Activity
4 vmstat - System Activity, Hardware and System Information
These are main monitoring tools ,"Nagios" is also we can use
this is third party open source application software
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# 2
w for connected user
last for login & reboot history
lastb- for fail login attemts
lastlog- for most recent login
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Komal Agrawal
# 3
The ps will provide you a list of processes currently
running. There is a wide variety of options that this
command gives you.

A common use would be to list all processes currently
running. To do this you would use the ps -ef command.
(Screen output from this command is too large to include,
the following is only a partial output.)

1 0 0 Dec22 ? 00:00:03 initroot 2
1 0 Dec22 ? 00:00:00 [keventd]root 3 1
0 Dec22 ? 00:00:00 [kapmd]root 4 1 0
Dec22 ? 00:00:00 [ksoftirqd_CPU0]root 9
1 0 Dec22 ? 00:00:00 [bdflush]root 5 1
0 Dec22 ? 00:00:00 [kswapd]root 6 1 0
Dec22 ? 00:00:00 [kscand/DMA]root 7 1 0
Dec22 ? 00:01:28 [kscand/Normal]root 8
1 0 Dec22 ? 00:00:00 [kscand/HighMem]root
10 1 0 Dec22 ? 00:00:00 [kupdated]root
11 1 0 Dec22 ? 00:00:00 [mdrecoveryd]
root 15 1 0 Dec22 ? 00:00:01 [kjournald]
root 81 1 0 Dec22 ? 00:00:00 [khubd]
root 1188 1 0 Dec22 ? 00:00:00 [kjournald]
root 1675 1 0 Dec22 ? 00:00:00 syslogd -m
0root 1679 1 0 Dec22 ? 00:00:00 klogd -
xrpc 1707 1 0 Dec22 ? 00:00:00
portmaproot 1813 1 0 Dec22 ?
00:00:00 /usr/sbin/sshd

The first column shows who owns the process. The second
column is the process ID. The Third column is the parent
process ID. This is the process that generated, or started,
the process. The forth column is the CPU usage (in
percent). The fifth column is the start time, of date if
the process has been running long enough. The sixth column
is the tty associated with the process, if applicable. The
seventh column is the cumulitive CPU usage (total amount of
CPU time is has used while running). The eighth column is
the command itself.

With this information you can see exacly what is running on
your system and kill run-away processes, or those that are
causing problems.
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# 4
Process Activity Command 
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Vijay Kumar Kushwaha
# 5
Linux system monitoring Tools


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Govindasamy Chinnu
# 6
zabbix is a open source use to monitor linux,windows,
wan,firewall everything
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Balaji Yadhav

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