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what is the special isoprene rule?
 Question Submitted By :: Navya
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  Re: what is the special isoprene rule?
# 1
Terpenoids are made up of varying number of respective
units called isoprene units(C5H8).this is isoprene rule.

Isoprene spatial type of arrangement is found to be present
in nearly all terpenoids.
Ingold in 1925 formulated this observation underanother

According to this rule isoprene units in terpenoids are
usually joined in head-tail linkages or 1,4 linkages.
(branched end of isoprene unit considered as head.
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  Re: what is the special isoprene rule?
# 2
this Special Isoprene Rule(SIR) was proposed by Ingold in 1925.
it states that" isoprene units in the terpenoid are linked together".
branched portion of isoprene unit is head and unbranched one is tail.
as per special isoprene rule the isoprene units are linked in head to tail fashion.

c c
/ : /
c-c-c-c- c-c-c-c

head tail head tail

eg: myrcene, linonene, cadinene,abietic acid etc

exceptions to the SIR: cyrtone, lavandulol etc

cryptol has 9 C atoms and cannot be divided into two isoprene units.

lavandulol is linked tail to tail.
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  Re: what is the special isoprene rule?
# 3
that isoprene units in a terpene are linked together with
the branched portion being the head and the unbranched
portion being the tail
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