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Q16. A sheet of paper has statements numbered from 1 to 40.
For all values of n from 1 to 40, statement n says: 'Exactly
n of the statements on this sheet are false.' Which
statements are true and which are false?
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# 1
The 39th statement is true and the rest are false. 
Is This Answer Correct ?    104 Yes 19 No
# 2
ans:39 th statement is true...
39th statement says " Exactly
39 of the statements on this sheet are false" so statements upto 38 and stamnt 40 r false and 39 wud alone prove 2 b right....:)dis is b possible 4 any oder statement!!!
Is This Answer Correct ?    26 Yes 4 No
# 3
ans:Either the nth statement is true or false
If nth statement is true then no false statements are n & no
of true statements is 40-n....
If nth statement is false then d rest ie:39 statements are true
Is This Answer Correct ?    14 Yes 3 No
# 4
1 true and 39 false 
Is This Answer Correct ?    13 Yes 14 No
# 5
That depends upon the value of n.
Lets say value of n to be 8. Then 8 statements will be false and others will be true.
Is This Answer Correct ?    22 Yes 25 No
Shah Prexa Narendra
# 6

38 true 2 false.Absolutely confident.
Is This Answer Correct ?    3 Yes 29 No
Soumajit Paul

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