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A distinction that can be made between compliance testing
and substantive testing is that compliance testing tests:

A. details, while substantive testing tests procedures.

B. controls, while substantive testing tests details.

C. plans, while substantive testing tests procedures.

D. for regulatory requirements, while substantive testing
tests validations.
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# 1
Answer: B

Compliance testing involves determining whether controls
exist as designed whereas substantive testing relates to
detailed testing of transactions/procedures. Compliance
testing does not involve testing of plans. Regulatory
requirements are not by themselves tested directly in
compliance testing, but controls in place to ensure
regulatory compliance are checked.
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# 2
Compliance testing checks whether controls exist to satisfy
the control objectives.
While Substantive testing checks the effectivenesss of
these controls by testing integrity of individual
transactions and information
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Harshil Shah
# 3
Compliance test is used to check the presence of a process
or control to address a specific risk ( authorization
required for allowing access to the building ) while
Substantive test will give an idea as to how far the
process has been adhered from a sample of transactions from
that process ( how many were provided access without the
required authorization )
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Sivakumar Tv

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