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how to shutdown a Cisco router from command prompt?
 Question Submitted By :: CCNA
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# 1
you cannot shutdown a cisco router through command line
interface instead you can restart it.
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# 2
Router can't be shutdown from command prompt. Due to its
power button.
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Harish Kumar
# 3
hi hitesh

thanks for you response ......

in the about question i am asking about how can we shutdown
router or switch using windows command prompt...not with
telnet are ssh etc

i think we cant do such type of things using windows cmd....

thanks in advance
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# 4
Cisco router runs the image from flash to memory not from
Hard Disk. So shutdown command is not required, just pull
the power cable.
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# 5
you can shoutdown router without power off with the help of
power manger. you need to configure your ups
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# 6
hi hitesh

thanks for you response ......

in the above question i am asking about how can we shutdown
router or switch using windows command prompt...not with
telnet are ssh etc

i think we can't do such type of things using windows cmd....

thanks in advance
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# 7
how can we restart the router using command line interface

syntax : ?????
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# 8
We can't shutdown a router from CLI.
But wo can restart it from following command:

and then press enter.
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