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What is the procedure for Widal Test?
 Question Submitted By :: Micro-Biology
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
WIDAL test can be performed by two method
1. Slide Agglutination
2. Tube agglutination

tube agglutination is more accurate in comparison to slide
agglutination you can go upto 1:1280 titre but in case of
slide you are restricted to 1:320 titre only but it is more
rapid result comes within 5 min
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Harish Chandra
# 2
The Widal test is made to diagnoise Typhoid fever.
procedure for widal tets is as follows.

1.Make a series of serum dilutions for each antigen to be
tested. Include tubes with 0.5 ml saline for control of
each antigen to be used.

2.Use perfectly clean and dry test tubes and prepare
dilutions beginning with 1:10 and doubling through 1:320 or

3.Add 0.1 ml of serum to 0.9 ml of physiological saline and
then dilute serially by mixing 0.5 ml diluted serum with
0.5 ml saline and discarding 0.5 ml from the last tube.

4.From specimen submitted to detect possible rise in titre,
prepare a series of 10 dilutions, ending with 1:5120.

In this way Widal test is performed.

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# 3
widal test performed by two methods
1 tube method
2 slid method
the principle of test same by reaction
Tube method take 6hrs for result.
but slid method give result within 2-3 minut.
most labs used slid method for widal.
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Rana Falk Sher
# 4
1- take 10 clean test tubes
2-take 1mL of serum in 1st tube
3-3-take .5mL of N.S in the remaining tubes
4-take .5mL from tube 1 and shift to the next upto 9th and discard from 9th tube 0.5ml
4incubate the tubes in rack in incubator at 37C for 30 mints
5-centrifuge the tubes at 2000 rpm for 3mints and observe agglutination
6-record the results by comparing it to the control
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Ch. Abdul Hameed Kashmiri
# 5
widal by tube consider to be more accurate than by slide

it is considered 2 b more helpful in the diagnosis
as its gives us rough idea about abs present os not and in
how much concentration
widal by tube
> 4 rows r arranged of 8 clean tubes
> 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
> 8th row is our negative control
1 clean tube for master dilution is taken
this is our master dilution (1:10 )

now transfer this master .5ml to 1st nd 2nd rows
add saline .5ml fron 2nd row to 8th row

u have to tak .5ml saline in 1st row only
here dil will be 1:20 after adding antigen .5ml

from 2nd row .5ml from master +.5 saline form = 1ml which
will be diluted serially
to other tubes horizontally
which will double our dilution afetyr addition of
respectine antigen(0,h,ah nd bh)

(4.5ml salin+.5ml sample)
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Sandeep Negi
# 6
in the above procedure posted by me
mr. sandeep negi
i want 2 say
2 important points 2 remember
1) our master is (4.5ml saline+.5ml sample) i.e 1:10
2)from 2nd row till 7th tube sample is diluted
and at the 7th tube of all the row
1ml =(.5ml saline+6th diluted vol .5ml )
and after mixing properly .5ml is discarded

**in negative control tube i.e 8th tube only .5ml saline
+.5ml antigen is added

hope all of u will be satisfied by me
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Sandeep Negi
# 7
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