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what will come under debit and credit side in trial balance 
please give me answer
 Question Submitted By :: Accounting-General
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# 1
in debit side : fixed asset, current asset, purchase.
in credit side: share capital, loan, liability, sales
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Janvi Sangle
# 2
debit side comes in Purchases, credit side comes in sales 
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# 3
Trial balance debit side:-Assets.Expences,losses Etc

Trial balance Creditside:-Liabilities,Income,Gains Etc
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A.baljee Rao
# 4
debit side comes all
asset, expense and drawings
credit side comes all
liabilities, income and
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# 5
Debit side of trial balance include- opening stock, Purchase, Sales return, Depreciation, All expenses(discount Allowed/Interest paid, Bad debts, insurance premium....etc.), All assets including cash,bank,debtors..etc. i.e. All assets, expenses& losses, Drawing, Prepaid expenses.

Credit side of trial balance include- Sales, Purchase Return, All Income (Discount received/ interest Received...etc),All Liabilities including capital, creditors, Bank overdraft,loan's..etc. i.e. All liabilities, Incomes & Gains,Outstanding Expenses, Capital..etc.
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# 6
Debit Side:- Assets
Credit Side:- Liabilities
Debit Side:-Losses & Expenses
Credit Side:-Incomes & gains
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Preeti Sharma
# 7
1.Accounts dealing with assets,expenses and losses will show in debit side of trial balance.
2.Accounts dealing with liabilities income and gain will show in credit side of trial balance.
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# 8
Trading account at Debit side=Opening stock,purchases ,purchases returns,
carriage inwards,wages
Credit side=sales ,sales returns and closing stocks
Profit and loss at Debit side=Salaries,outstanding salaries,depriciation of Fixed assets ,bad debts etc
Credit side=discount recieved,rent recieved, commision recieved
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