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What is difference between ARP and RARP?
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# 1
ARP (Address resolution Protocol)converts IP address of
Destination to physical address by broadcasting in Lan.

The host whose ip address matches replies his physical
address so data transfer can occur in datalink layer

example:>ARP-What is physical address of
all in LAN) -> it is AB:56:89:67:43:78 (to

RARP(Reverse ARP) converts Physical address of Source to
IP address.

It is used by machine to know what is my IP address? it
broadcast RARP to all in LAN(Like do you know my IP) The
RARP server replies that this is your IP

AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF:GG->What is my IP address?(to all in LAN)
RARP server -> It is (to AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF:GG)
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# 2
Arp not convert network ipaddress to physical and SEARCH
and Rarp conver physical address to network ip address and
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Ashish Agrawal
# 3
ARP is a protocol used to trace the ip address to mac address.
RARP is aprotocol used to map the mac adress to an ip address.
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# 4
Reverse ARP and Inverse ARP both are used for getting IP address but difference is:

-In RARP u get IP address, when u know MAC address of that interface
-In InARP u get IP address, when u know the DLCI no
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# 5
arp means adress resolution protocol it is used to find the
known ip adress reverse resolution protocol it is used to find
known mac adress arp&rarp request the broadcast massages,
arp&rarp replies the unicast messages
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Jaggumanri Vamsi Viswanath
# 6
am not so sure of right answer to the question. 
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Eddie Mukasa Tekkwo

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