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what is difference between desktop and web application?
 Question Submitted By :: Manual-Testing
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# 1
The biggest d/f b/w Desktop and web application is-
Desktop App (DA) is the machine independent, hence evry
change has only reflects at the machine level.
Where as Web App (WA) is the Internet dependent program,
hence any change in the program reflects at every where,
where it becomes use.
Suppose there are 5 machines in DA, 5 time installed
individually at every machine and if there is any change
made in DA then at every machine change has to be made.
In WA where the program or Application at the Server or at
the one common machine, then if changes made at only central
or server or common machine all the changes get reflected at
every client machine.
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# 2
Desktop application runs on personal computers and work
stations, so when you test the desktop application you are
focusing on a specific environment. You will test complete
application broadly in categories like GUI, functionality,
Load, and backend i.e. DB.
Web application is a bit different and complex to test as
tester donít have that much control over the application.
Application is loaded on the server whose location may or
may not be known and no exe is installed on the client
machine, you have to test it on different web browsers. Web
applications are supposed to be tested on different
browsers and OS platforms so broadly Web application is
tested mainly for browser compatibility and operating
system compatibility, error handling, static pages, backend
testing and load testing.
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Reema S. Bhalla
# 3
The major difference between desktop and web application is
that when desktop as name hints us that it is in stand alone
computer, when we talk abt software when downloaded in
desktop or in stand alone computer , that particular
software run on that desktop only . but in web appliaction
the requirements is that networking should be there and if
yes then just through URL we can access that web appliaction..
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Khushbu Nemade
# 4
Desktop application is a software package, installed and
used as standalone or client server basis. It has to be
installed in both server and nodes and only used within the

Web application can be used wherever we have internet
connection and browsers.
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# 5
1. A web application is software that is delivered to users
from a web server like the Internet. Some businesses run
web applications on an intranet as well WHEREAS A desktop
application is a self-contained program that performs a
defined set of tasks under the user control. Desktop
applications run from a local drive and do not require a
network or connectivity to operate or function properly,
though if attached to a network desktop applications might
use the resources of the network.
2. Web applications can be easily accessed from any
computer or location that has Internet access WHEREAS
Desktop Application is sysytem dependent.
3. Desktop applications need to be individually installed
on each computer, while web applications require a single
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A Gupta
# 6
the main difference between desktop based and web based application is that in (1)desktop based application application logic is installed in the client browser and linked to the database server i.e it has 2 tier architecture, while in the (2) web based application, application logic is stored on web server linked with database server and it has 3 tier architecture. 
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# 7
In case of Desktop application for user interaction &
activity , the application itself maintains a state.While
in case of web application, it is stateless[Http].
Everytime it is needed by the web application of
authenticating the request.
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# 8
inmy view
desk top is icon based interaction where we can go to view
r enter by selecting icon.
web-- is a link based where conectivity is there through
i/p or tcp to view world wide on same desk top

more over internet icon also present on desk top too but
connectivity sholud be there to authorisation
and authen tication and accee con tro is there to any user
may u pls can give more information
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# 9
Thanks to all the person which has given the answer.
according to me the major d/f is that DESKTOP application
contains a Main()method.

where as an web application does not contain Main() method.

how many people goes with that answer.
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# 10
1. We can create an shortcut(icon) over desktop in desktop
application whereas we can not create a shortcut(icon) for
web application.

2. If we make a change in desktop application then that
change will not be appear on other application running on
different m/c whereas changes will be display globally on
web application.
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Avinash Dubey

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