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What is the difference between primary & secondary storage 
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# 1
In primary storage device the storage capacity is limited.
It has a volatile memory. In secondary storage device the
storage capacity is larger. It is a nonvolatile memory.
Primary devices are: RAM / ROM.
Secondary devices are: Floppy disc / Hard disk
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# 2

1.These devices are tempo- 1.These devices are permanent.
2.These devices are expensive. 2.These are cheaper.
3.These devices are faster, 3.These devices Computers via
therefore expensive. cables,and slow, therefore
4.These devices have less 4.These devices have high
storage capacity. storage capacity.
5.These devices refer to RAM. 5.These devices refer to FDD
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Maha Asif
# 3
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Swarnamay Das
# 4
in primary storage device the storage capacity is has a volatile memory.
in secondary storage device the storage capacity is larger.
it is a nonvolatile memory.
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# 5
Primary memory is faster to access because it is wired directly to the processor. It is used by the system to perform operations while programs are running. Examples are cache, RAM, and ROM.Secondary memory is usually somewhat slower and is used for permanent storage of information. Examples are hard disks, floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, flash memory, etc. 
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# 6
There is more room in secondary storage than in primary
storage.Content are retained in secondary storage when the
computer is turned off but data in primary storage will
disappear when you shut down the computer.
secondary storage devices operate much slower then primary
storage. but it more cheaper than primary storage.
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Nisansala Ranasinghe
# 7
Secondary storage is actually any storage not currently in use. Even the hard drive in your computer is secondary storage, as programs such as Word or Powerpoint, are stored there when not in use as well as all of your files.
Primary storage is the memory used when the computer is using the data. For example, when you open Word all the necessary files are loaded from the hard drive to the Primary memory (or RAM) to run the program. Any files you open will also be copied to RAM to be edited, when you save these they will be written back to the hard drive.
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# 8
primary store infomation for a
short period of time while
secondary for a period of a
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Agyei Emmanuel
# 9
differnnce between primary devices and secondary devices is that th microprocessor can directly use the primary devices, but secondary devices need to go in secondary devices then microprocessor use it 
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# 10
name two resources you can use to complete secondary
research ?
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