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What is the difference between microprocessor and 
 Question Submitted By :: Operating-Systems-General-Concepts
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# 11
microprocessor is the device that does not have memory
(internal),in micontroller it has internal memory and has
connected directly to pheripheral device.
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Praveen Kumar Vishwakarma
# 12
Microprocessor required some external connections such as
RAM,ROM,i/o ports, timmer,counter etc
Where as in microcontroller having a inbuilt memory such as
RAM,ROM,i/o ports,timmer,counter etc such connections are
The basic difference is we can directly interphasing the ic
with the uses of microcontroller,
But in microprocessor it is impossible to interphasing the
Ic directly to any other ports
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Mohamed Aasim.k
# 13
A microcontroller is a specialized form of microprocessor
that is designed to be self-sufficient and cost-effective,
where a microprocessor is typically designed to be general
purpose (the kind used in a PC).
The difference is that microcontroller incorporates features
of microprocessor(CPU,ALU,Registers)along with the presence
of added features like presence of RAM,ROM,I\O ports,counter
etc.Here microcontroller control the operation of machine
using fixed programme stored in Rom that doesn't change with
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# 14
in microprocessor the ram,i/o ports timmer, counter are
externally connected

in microcontroller the ram,i/o ports timmer, counter are in
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# 15
We can say that a Microprocessor is a part of a
microcontroller since a microcontroller as a whole consists
of ram,Ic's, memory storage,a computing unit(may be a
microprocessor) such that it can directly give us the
results while a microprocessor is just a basic processing
unit and we need to connect other components like
RAM's,IC's and other devices to it first before processing
something in it.
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# 16
in microprocessor few pins are multifunctioned whereas n
case of microcontroller large number of pins are
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Mandeep Kaur
# 17
Microprocessor is used for general purposes, whereas
microcontroller is used for single purpose only...
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# 18
microcontrooler is a programmable logic device which has alu io ports, clock signals,etc in inbuilt.since the mc is the computer inside the chip.
where for the mp we need an external clk,memory,io ports etc,since it is called as a haert of the computer.
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Vijay Kulkarni
# 19
microprocessor is only driving device for corresponding clock pulse from any control devices(input device,output device serial communication,ram,ROM,timers &any external devices). The processor is not a self decision device because it is depend only given clock pulse BUT micro controller is a self decision device and it has input devices,output devices, timers RAM,ROM, inbuilt in single chip. so, which device when ON, OFF this type detail is control an automatically execute the micro controller 
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Navaneethakannan R(smcet)
# 20
microprocessor is used to process all instruction,it is
used in general purpose computer.
while microcontroller is itself a small computer on a
integrated chip with memory and other peripherals devices
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