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What is the difference between microprocessor and 
 Question Submitted By :: Operating-Systems-General-Concepts
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# 1
In Microprocessor more op-codes, few bit handling
instructions. But in Microcontroller: fewer op- codes, more
bit handling Instructions, and also it is defined as a
device that includes micro processor, memory, & input /
output signal lines on a single chip.
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# 2
In Microprocessor we have to connect external RAM, ROM,
I/o, Timers and interrupts by externally, where as in
Microcontroller RAM, ROM,I/O, Timers serial communication
all are in built in microcontroller,
Microprocessor is used in Higher end Industrial projects
where as Microcontroller can be used for lower end projects
because processor can beconnected by
external memory where as in controller it is fixed memory in
some case we can add external memory also
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Murali Krishna
# 3
The basic difference between the microprocessor and
microcontroller is that we can interface a microcontroller
directly means "for example we can directly connect a
keyboard to microcontroller to any of its ports"....where
as for microprocessor we can't interface directly...we
require a circuit board since it requires
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Shakeel Ahmed
# 4
The basic difference between microprocessor and micro
controller is that microcontroller have inbuilt memory i.e
RAM,ROM,serial interfaces,timers,counters.

microprocessors have many opcodes and minimum bit handling
instructions where as it is viceversa in case of
microcontroller is used in lower end projects where as
memory is fixed while microprocessor is used in high end

we can add memory to microcontroller also using ports
provided to it.
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Swetha Indukuri
# 5
Microprocessors generally require external components to
implement program memory, ram memory and Input/output.
Intel's 8086, 8088, and 80386 are examples of microprocessors.

Micro controllers incorporate program memory, ram memory and
input/output resources internal to the chip. Microchip's pic
series and Atmel's AVR series are examples of micro controllers.
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Tarun Agarwal Ymca
# 6
The microprocessor having no Rom, no Ram,no I/o port on a
single chip.but microcontroller have Ram,Rom,I'O Port on a
single chip..........
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Md.kashif Raza
# 7
microcontroller having internal memory but microprocessor
doesnot have internal memory
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Albert Nelson
# 8
microprocessor does not have inbuilt memory, timers,
counters. it is slower than microcontroller. Processor
requires external peripherials to interface
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Salunkhe Nitin
# 9
the basic difference between microproceesor &
microcontroller is that in mc has a memory,i\o device
directly connect to the mc but in mp is that not exactly
Is This Answer Correct ?    131 Yes 65 No
Sandeep Kumar
# 10
Microcontroller is a chip contains CPU,ROM, RAM,I/O ports and Serial communication. We can directly interface digital and analog signal for processing. But it is not the case in the microprocessor. 
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