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what will be the output of "printf("%d%d",scanf("%d%
d",&a,&b))".provide an explation regarding the question
 Question Submitted By :: C
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# 1
i think it will print the 2, and some garbage value. 
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# 2
scanf() returs the number of vlaues read successfully. so
heree the pritf() prints the value that is returned by the
scanf(), ie 2.(a,b). so the output will be 2 and some
garbage value.
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# 3
what is output of this program
void main()
int a,b;
printf("%d %d");

it gives the 20 10;
bcoz printf fn return which value,
read recently ,reversely.
so above question we easly explain.
so scanf fn return which value process it.
scanf fn return 2 and after return value of b.

manish soni bca 3rd year jaipur tagore college
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Manish Soni Bca 3rd Year Jaipu
# 4
if we enter
answer is
2 5678
plz tell how
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Manish Soni Bca 3rd Year Jaipu
# 5
you are right mr. manish that it will print 2 and value of
'b' but i also dont know why it is printing the value of 'b'..
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# 6
the output will be what value of a and b... 
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