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How to convert decimal to binary in C using recursion??
 Question Submitted By :: C
I also faced this Question!!     Answer Posted By  
# 1
Please check the following program buddy,
Just save it as .c and run it you got what you want

# include <stdio.h>

void Rec_Dec_To_Bin (int num);

void main ()
int num;
int base;

printf ("Enter the decimal number to convert it binary.\n");
scanf ("%d", &num);

printf ("The number in decimal is : %d\n", num);
printf ("\n");

printf ("The %d in binary is : ", num);
Rec_Dec_To_Bin (num);

printf ("\n\n");


void Rec_Dec_To_Bin (int num)

if (((num / 2) != 0) && (num > 1))
Rec_Dec_To_Bin ((num / 2));

printf ("%d", (num % 2));

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# 2
int bin(int);
{ int n,r;
printf("Enter the number in decimal:");
printf("The binary equivalent is:%d",r);
int bin(int x)
{ int k;
return 0;
int j=k+(10*bin(x/2));
return j;
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# 3
# include <stdio.h>
void Bin (int num);

int main (void)
int num;
int base;

printf ("Enter the decimal number to convert it binary.\n");
scanf ("%d", &num);

printf ("The %d in binary is : ", num);
Bin (num);

void Bin (int num)

int a, b;
if ((a!= 0) && (num > 1))
Bin (num / 2);

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Rajaas Tahir
# 4
by dividing that number by 2.. 
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